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Two Roads is a valued Learning & Experiences partner for Institutions with employees and clients around the world - Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas. Our Focus and our Approach is truly unique. We work with the Best-in-Class Leadership, High Performance and Resilience Consultants to deliver Interventions that Make an Immediate Impact.

We partner with the World's Best Elite Sports Personalities to share their learnings from the High Stress Unforgiving world of Sports, and former Armed Forces personnel with their lessons from the battlefield, that make a Huge Difference to your Leaders, your People and your Clients as they traverse the world of Business. We do groundbreaking work with our clients on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion helped by our team of inspiring individuals from around the world, each a beacon of light in their areas. And we bring to our clients unbelievable stories in Resilience from Adversity Survivors around the globe. 

Anindya Dutta

Starting his banking career with Deutsche Bank in India in 1993, Anindya spent the next 26-years building and running successful national, regional and global businesses with diverse multi cultural teams based out of Mumbai, Hong Kong, London and Singapore at banks like Credit Agricole, ANZ and American Express.

Parallelly, combining his keen interest in history and sports, Anindya is an acclaimed author. His book Wizards: The Story of Indian Spin Bowling won India’s Cricket Book of the Year award for 2019 and was long-listed for the MCC Book of the Year award. Advantage India: The Story of Indian Tennis is winning rare accolades in its first year.

Anindya’s substantial Global People Management experience, Insights into and Connect with the World of Sports, and Deep Client Focus make Two Roads a partner that Delivers a Unique Value Proposition.

Banker, Writer, Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer

Anindya Dutta


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