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Masterclass Workshops

Just a Few of the Many Masterclass Workshops from Two Roads

Sales Leadership Masterclass

Nathan Jamail, one of the world's most sought after Sales Gurus, gives his insights into Sales Leadership in this intense, high energy 3-hour workshop. He talks about Coaching versus Managing Sales Teams, The Criticality of Practice, on Attitude and Belief and of course the Skill of Selling. This workshop has been transformational for sales teams at over 100 companies around the world.

Workshop Length: 3-hours


Collaborative Decision Making

Mandy Hickson, is a pioneer in the truest sense, becoming one of the first women fighter pilots in the RAF against seemingly impossible odds. As a war veteran and ace pilot she is a great believer in collaborative decision making under pressure, without falling victim to group-think. She provides insights from her career in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft and presents tools that help you use fast versus reflective decision making.

Workshop Length: 3-hours

Mandy Hickson.jpg

Winning Tactics of Elite Teams

Amit Singh Dabas is a former Indian Special Operations Forces team leader, war veteran and counter-insurgency expert. In a Commando team or indeed at war, survival depends on who is in your team and how they act under pressure. Col. Dabas talks about the Leadership traits that distinguishes Achievers from managers. He helps businesses decide what an Elite Team looks for them. He explains why psychological compatibility and team character make Mission Orientation and success possible against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Workshop Length: 3-hours

Amit Dabas 2 Uniform.jpg

One Company-One Team-One Goal

Simon Taufel, 5-times ICC Umpire of the Year, High Performance Coach, Author and sought after Speaker and Business Consultant, presents a workshop enabling individuals in a team to come together  with a Common Purpose. With stories, videos and his deep insights from Cricket, Simon deep dives into how businesses can replicate the success of world beating High Performance teams. 

Workshop Length: 3 hours

Simon Taufel 1.jpg

Master Your Mind-Find Your A-Game

Paddy Upton, Mental Conditioning Coach, and former Strategic Leadership Coach of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winning Indian team, brings the secrets of Mastering your Mind from his work with Elite Sportspersons, to transform individuals and businesses. Paddy introduces 6 components of the A-Game that each of us needs to know and helps participants raise their Mental Game to achieve their goals in business and life.

Workshop Length: 3-hours

Paddy Upton 1.jpg

Building a High Performance Team

Joanna Markham, based in the UK has been training the senior leadership teams and middle managers of the world's largest Investment Banks from the United States to Asia for over 30-years. She is a valued trainer at the BBC, the NHS and the U.K. government. Joanna has done significant work across Asia, particularly in India and Hong Kong with diverse teams. In this interactive virtual workshop presented over three days, she teaches participants the elements they need to build within themselves and their teams to enable High Performance.

Workshop Length: 6-hours

Joanna Markham.jpg
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