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The 3 Pillars - Accountability, Ownership, Empowerment

The 3 Pillars - Accountability, Ownership, Empowerment
  • This session starts off with pre-programme assessments and deep dives into the three most critical elements of both Leaders and their HP Teams.

  • We start with Taking Ownership - exploring the When, How and Why with insights and stories from Elite Sports & successful businesses. We understand what Being Accountable means for a leader and a High Performer. We finally work on why Empowerment is non-negotiable in HP teams and explore how the best in the business do it and hwo we all can as leaders.

  • In-person/Virtual & Interactive Session - Interactive Tools, Breakouts, Assessments, & Video Interviews with company staff and management brings context to the framework and ensures Specific Takeaways for the team to work on.

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