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Blue Ocean (Imaginative) Leadership

Blue Ocean (Imaginative) Leadership
  • This session explores how leaders can fundamentally alter the trajectory their business is on. It builds on Anindya's unique framework of Blue Ocean Leadership that has emerged from his leadership experience and a study of the best Elite Sports Teams, Businesses, and actions of World Leaders. The session demonstrates how Blue Oceans are not just for company strategy but for each leader within them to find in their Leadership Style.

  • The session looks at concepts like Reimagining Horizons, the limitations of focusing on future certainty through Chess Move Obsessiveness, about the how and why of Sequencing Execution, and how to make businesses Sustainable while employing these lessons in leadership.

  • Virtual & Interactive Session - Interactive Tools, Breakouts, Video Interviews, & Panel Discussions with company staff and management brings context to the framework and ensures Specific Takeaways for the team to work on.

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