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Paddy Upton

Cricket, Leadership, Resilience

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Prof. Paddy Upton is a Sports Psychologist & Mental Conditioning Coach to Corporates and Elite athletes. He started his career in the mid-1990’s as the Fitness Coach of the South African Cricket Team leaving behind his own cricket and rugby playing career. He then spent 3-years in the dangerous CBD of Cape Town working among the destitute youth in the midst of one of the world’s worst urban war zones. In 2004-2005 he returned to international sport, and then became the Mental Conditioning and Strategic Leadership Coach of the Indian Cricket Team helping them become No. 1 in the world and win the 2011 World Cup. He took South Africa to No. 1 in Tests and is currently with the Indian Hockey team as the Mental Conditioning Coach. He delivers insightful workshops on Leadership, High Performance, helping People and Teams find their Mental Game of Leadership.

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