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Dr. Gaia Grant


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Gaia Grant (PhD), Founder and Executive Director of Tirian International Consultancy, is a perceptive thought leader and communicator who focuses on individual and organisation transformation through innovative thinking and problem solving. Gaia is also a passionate researcher and lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School who studies and teaches about innovative problem-solving skills and sustainable innovation leadership. Gaia's research has led to the creation of a breakthrough 'Innovative Change Leader' (iCLi) profile measure and the ‘Polar Positioning’ (PoP) tool. Gaia is a course designer and lecturer in the Work Integrated Learning Hub (WIL Hub) and an associate adjunct faculty in the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship She holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, an MSc and Grad Dip in creative change leadership from the State University of New York, along with a BD and BA Dip Ed from Macquarie University. Gaia is the author of several books including: 'The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game' (Wiley, August 2016), 'Who Killed Creativity?... And how can we get it back?' (Jossey Bass), 'A Patch of Paradise' (Random House) and 'The Rhythm of Life' (Transworld). She is also the co-author of over 30 organisational learning and development programs. Gaia is regularly engaged by a range of organisations from Fortune 500 companies through to not-for-profit organisations as a coach and facilitator to assist with design thinking, ideation and dealing with wicked problems.

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