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Andy Ellis


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With a career devoted to understanding how humans make decisions, Andy Ellis is a seasoned technology executive with deep expertise in security. An advisor to several cyber security startups, including Orca, Vulcan, and Uptycs, he also serves as an operating partner at cyber security venture capital firm, YL Ventures. The former chief security officer of Akamai Technologies, Ellis spent two decades “making the Internet suck less,” witnessing first-hand how humans inside and out make critical decisions about security and safety. When speaking, Ellis shares his expert insights on internet safety, risk management, decision making, and security governance. Combining more than 25 years of security experience with insider anecdotes from his time serving as a CSO, he explores how and why humans make risk choices and decisions – and their impact on security. With his signature humor and relatability, Ellis teaches audiences how to protect their organizations by identifying the hidden factors that influence our risk choices, along with actionable strategies to help guide people to make more favorable, more secure decisions.

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