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Tirian was founded in Australia over 25-years ago by the globally renowned Innovation experts Dr. Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant. It specialises in organisation transformation through strategic innovation. Tirian's interactive experiences have helped leaders & teams reflect on innovative & practical solutions around relevant business issues in over 30 countries around the world. 

Tirian partners with Two Roads globally particularly in India, South-East Asia and the Middle East

Some of the programmes we are pleased to together offer are:

  • Harnessing Creative Intelligence

  • Creative Thinking Strategies

  • Advanced Creative Thinking with Design Thinking

  • Developing an Experimental Mindset 

  • Team Creativity and Collaboration

  • Agile Decision Thinking 

  • Chocolate Factory Gamified Simulation - Process Optimization

  • Innovative Change Leadership

  • Innovation Culture Mapping

  • Leading Ambidextrous, Agile & Aligned Teams

  • Sustainable Organizational Innovation

  • Building Collaboration in a Competitive Corporate Context

  • Building Teams & Culture based on Workable Trust

  • On Thin Ice Gamified Simulation - Reality of Dynamic Teams

  • The Winter Over Gamified Simulation - Reality of Virtual Teams

  • Virtual Navigation Gamified Simulation - Core of Virtual Teams

  • Beneath the Ice Gamified Simulation - Deep dive Team Alignment

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