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The Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute was founded in New Zealand and is now headquartered in Switzerland. Its founder, the world’s leading resilience expert, Dr Sven Hansen, leads the Research and Development team.  

Resilience is an evidence-based, integral and practical solution to the human dimension of work. Building resilience mitigates problems like depression, distress and illness. It liberates the potential in our people to be well, effective and whole. Resilience is a foundation and goal of strategy. And with over 25-years of research based evidence around business and sports science behind them, the Resilience Institute continues to prove that by raising the Personal Resilience of the members of a team, we successfully raise team performance.

Resilience Institute in Asia partners exclusively with Two Roads in India and works together across Asia and the Middle East with its award winning Resilience App, curated workshops and coaching, to transform businesses by making employees more resilient. 

Some of the programmes we are pleased to offer together are:

  • Inspire - What's my Resilience?

  • Building Resilience, Bouncing Forward & Pressure Mastery

  • Grow Strengths

  • Leading with Care & Connecting

  • Empathetic Connections & Trusted Network

  • Building an Agile Mindset

  • Emotional & Mental Agility

  • Mental Wellness, Vitality & Well Being

  • Enhancing Cognitive Ability & Challenging Negative Beliefs

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