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Team Building Asia

Team Building Asia

Team Building Asia, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and presence across North and South East Asia, with its experience of over 22-years, knows you want to create an enriching team building experience with equal parts of engagement and learning. In order to do that you need a partner who, while creating a memorable experience, can also deliver tangible learning. 

TBA's award-winning team building experiences uniquely make a meaningful CSR impact at your event - by giving back to those in need - in line with your number of participants. Corporate Social Responsibility adds value to team development, subsequently also to your organisation's identity. Team building is an easy way to bring CSR into the picture. Investing in CSR initiatives enhances an organisation's authenticity and helps organisations to connect with their markets, NGOs and governments. 

CSR team building experiences are so much more than "just" CSR or "just" team building. Take Helping Hands for example. Teams build a prosthetic hand for a landmine victim and throughout the process they have to cover their dominant hand, forcing them to use each hand in the team to build the prosthetic hand. In Wheelchair Challenge, teams compete in challenges designed to limit them in a physical manner as they remove senses that we take for granted every day, with the final goal of building a wheelchair to be donated to those in need.

Team Building Asia partners with Two Roads globally particularly in India, South-East Asia and the Middle East

Some of the Team Building programmes we are pleased to together offer are:

  • Helping Hands (CSR) - Perspective, Collaboration, Inspiration

  • Wheelchair Challenge (CSR) - Perspective, Collaboration

  • Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

  • Drone Control - Innovative Thinking, Agility 

  • Go Team Treasure Hunt - Communication, Creativity, Change

  • Impact (CSR) - Agile Tea Strategy

  • Beat the Box - Agility, Change, Collaboration, D&I

  • Crescendo (Musical) - Collaboration, Change, Stress Buster

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