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Corporate Compass

Corporate Compass

Corporate Compass is India's premier Experiential Learning & Team Building company. It adopts a practical approach to bringing teams together, making their ideas shine and winning the game in every given situation. It defines itself as an organization that acts to glue together colleagues across departments of its clients, helping them build a sense of belonging, and paving the way to nurture an attitude that will fear no challenge and smile through it. 

CC's much lauded experiential learning and team building experiences transform teams by engaging members in fun-games, both indoor and outdoor, thus, elevating performance to the highest levels possible, all the while focusing on specific outcomes sought by the client . 

Corporate Compass partners with Two Roads in India, seamlessly adding value to our leadership programmes by bringing that experiential learning element to complement our unique outside-in approach to Leadership development. 

Some of the Team Building programmes we are pleased to together offer are:

  • Auction Premier League - (Learnings: Collaboration, Change, Strategy)

  • Million Dollar Challenge - (Learnings: Collaboration,  Optimization, Alignment)

  • Murder Mystery Challenge - Communication, Decision, Teamwork

  • Time Machine - Common Goal, Teamwork, Communication 

  • Chain Reaction Challenge - Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration

  • Big Jigsaw - Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration

  • Geo Hunt - Collaboration, Teamwork, Time Management

  • Team Olympics - Leadership, Teamwork, Time Management

  • Bollywood Bubble - Leadership, Trust, Collaboration

  • Meri Awaaz Suno - Communication, Trust, Collaboration

  • One Vision - Execution Excellence, Trust, Collaboration

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