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Shweta Handa Gupta


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Shweta Handa Gupta has been recognised as the India #1 and among the Global top 6 CEO & Leadership Team coaches. As a coach, Shweta has helped Boards, CEOs and Business Leaders measurably enhance their strategic output, expand their leadership effectiveness and bottom-line impact! 

She specializes in working with CXO level leaders at organizations, and alsohelping family managed businesses with smooth succession and aiding second generation entrepreneurs successfully integrate and build on their legacy. Shweta also coaches ambitious professionals to significantly accelerate their career growth and design successful career and business pivots! 

She serves on the coaching panel for a leading start-up dedicated to enabling women leaders and facilitating their journey to a seat on the board. She is a Director-at-large, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair on the ICF Global Enterprise Board. As a leader in a global non-profit, Shweta is delighted to be supporting work with the UN SDGs to facilitate timely global impact on peace, climate and education.

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