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Anisha Kaul


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Anisha Kaul is a leadership and team coach and OD consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of human performance and organisational development. Following a career with Accenture in Change Management and Strategy, Anisha founded Mindspring in 2005. Based in Singapore, Anisha works with some of the world’s most progressive organisations and is known for her ability to guide leaders and their teams through challenging yet transformational change journeys. Anisha’s background in Organisational Psychology adds depth and rigour to her interventions as a ICF certified executive coach.

Anisha’s approach to coaching and development is integral – focused on the whole person, not just the person who shows up to work. Clients benefit from a core shift towards more conscious leadership through an exploration of personal values, drivers, and motivation. With Anisha’s guidance, clients examine their current approach to life and situations and the impact of their decisions on the quality of their personal and professional lives. Anisha supports her clients through the challenging but ultimately rewarding journey of transforming self-sabotaging thoughts, habits and behaviours and begin to live according to their highest values and in ways that positively impact relationships, personal wellbeing and success and fulfilment at work and other life endeavours.. 

Anisha uses a variety of personality and team diagnostic instruments in her coaching and workshops and draws on her extensive training in various frameworks including the Enneagram, Adult Development Theories, Immunity to Change, Theory U, NonViolent Communication, Action Learning and systems thinking.

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