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"Brett Archibald has a powerful story demonstrating the true strength of the human spirit. He has wonderful, infectious energy that kept audiences captivated throughout and was extremely generous in sharing his personal experiences with us."


"Mandy Hickson was an engaging speaker who shared inspirational personal stories about her experience as a woman in a man world. She was relatable, candid and charming, and shared great lessons on leadership, mentorship, and D&I."

"Just WOW! This is the best event I have attended so far. I thank Tom Hardin (Tipper X) for being brave sharing his personal story to help us all make better decisions."

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"Anindya's 'Stadiums to Boardrooms' session was an engaging, insightful and created a fire in the belly. It was an inspiring session to build a High Performance Team. Provides excellent examples for creating a winning team."


"Thank You VVS Laxman for such deep insights and thank you Two Roads for bringing Laxman to us. Great learning from excellent session. Superb reflection of life and career and achieving high performance of your dreams. "

"This has been another great Stadiums to Boardrooms session relating Indian Cricket's story to our own. Very insightful. Crisp and engaging. Loved the interactions. Lots of lessons to take away. Thank you Anindya and Two Roads."

"The Resilience sessions have given me excellent inputs for changing my life. Manish Arneja has given us so much to think about and I look forward to continuing on this Resilience journey."


"I worked with Anindya and Two Roads recently to arrange for an event. He has been a strong partner in this journey, proactive and strategic in understanding the needs of the attendees and the outcome we are trying to achieve. The event with multiple Gold Medal winning Paralympian Yip Pin Xiu  was pulled together in a short period of time and I appreciate the strong partnership on his end to make it happened!"


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"The Resilience session had wonderful insights and perspectives and is a call to action for us. Thank you Two Roads and Resilience Institute"


"I can resonate with this from both the Pilot struggle and Professional side so very close-to-heart. It was a wow session! Informative, inspiring and amazing! Thank you Mandy Hickson!"

"As an age group triathlete, I relate to everything that Yip Pin Xiu shared. This is so inspiring! Wow! just wow! Pin Xiu. Amazing strength at such a young age. Thanks for the inspirational sharing. Wish you best and another gold for Paris!"

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"Dear Anindya and Two Roads thank you for conducting the session by Simon Taufel on One CCIL-One Team-One Goal for the senior management at CCIL. The session had great positive response and was well taken by the group. It has led to many thought provoking questions and introspection and this would be helpful in the future journey. Our thanks to Simon for conducting this challenging web based session so successfully."


"Thank you Joanna Markham for your enriching Building a High Performance Team session as a part of the CCIL Leadership Development Programmes run by Two Roads. I got personally enriched and one of the many key takeaways for me is to learn to switch from one mode of communication to another depending on the team member with whom I am communicating. Thanks a lot and look forward to other sessions going forward."

"Thank you Joanna Markham. Your BHPT session for CCIL provided great insights into many useful concepts. Just a few of the many takeaways for me were: How to set goals using ARTT technique and make sure the team is absolutely clear on the goals; Find out what motivates each team member for not everyone get motivated by the same things at different points in time; Improving interpersonal relations within your team improves their overall performance.'


"Thank you so much Simon Taufel for an engaging, impactful, and so-well-tailored-to-our-requirements One Company-One Team-One Goal session. It will go a long way in my being able to bring this team together. Your self-assessment for today should be saying you did a fantastic job! Thank you Anindya, Sharoni and Two Roads for making this session happen."

"The Simon Taufel session had some powerful messages: Excellence over Perfection; Ask powerful questions; Don't fear making mistakes. Learn from them; Be comfortable with being uncomfortable; Choose to say No; Process over Outcome."



"Brett Archibald's story has really energised our people. His personal experiences are quite incredible, the Resilience lessons coming out of them so very powerful. Weeks later our staff are still talking about the session and the impact it had on them. Thank you Two Roads for bringing speakers like Brett to us."

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"One Company-One Team-One Goal session was very engaging and a lifetime experience for me. My favourite parts were the constant co-relations between the game and professional workspaces. Thanks to you Anindya, Two Roads and Simon Taufel."


"These Resilience sessions have shown me a different way of thinking about things going forward with life and work. Thank you Manish Arneja and Two Roads."


"With everything that has been going on around us these past couple of years, this is a timely Resilience session for me. It has given me some perspective on how to cope and come out. Thank you Manish."


"Simon Taufel's One Bank-One Team-One Goal was a very useful and interactive session. It’s a refreshing change to look at work situations and leadership from a different lens …esp. a sport one can relate to."


"It was a pleasure interacting with a well-known sports personality like Simon Taufel and hear from him the parallel drawn between a leader in cricket world and how we follow it in the corporate world. Of course we would like to have a follow up session soon. Next session could be motivational one!. Thank you Simon and Two Roads. "

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"Emile Heskey was authentic, empathetic and yet passionate at the same time!. Thank you Anindya and  Two Roads from the Senior Leadership at Letshego for an excellent time with Emile and his lessons on teamwork."

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"I was thinking ahead of the session, how he will deliver to white collar financial sector people whilst himself being from sports culture, but it turned out to be a wonderful session. Simon proved to be a top notch motivator who had very specific lessons to teach us. Normally trainers are generic but this was not the case with Simon Taufel. Thank you Two Roads for bringing speakers like Simon to us."

"I was impressed and inspired the way Simon Taufel conducted the session. It was really a good session with lots of real life experiences. He also provides a lot of tips which can be used in daily routine."

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"Zubaida Bai's session was very engaging. It was very appropriate for us as a fat growing Pharma company. She is a great leader and expert in producing low cost health products. It was a very informative and inspiring session. We need to get such sessions done monthly. Thank you Two Roads and Zubaida."

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"Excellent! Real life experiences about how human being overcome strong challenges and obstacles are very influencing. Thank you Brett Archibald and Two Roads."


"Amazing story shared to show us how resilient an individual can be when facing odds. Such real stories trigger a lot of self reflection. Thank you Brett."

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"My two big takeaways from Zubaida Bai's session were to challenge the status quo in everyday situations, starting with asking myself questions on how to approach others and situations, and being more mindful before taking action/ making decisions."


"Zubaida Bai is a very positive and inspiring speaker! I take away the lesson to ensure that women in my team feel empowered and supported. A big thank you to the Natixis management and Two Roads for organizing this."

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