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Our Learning Partners

Two Roads is all about discovering the Best in Ourselves and making our Journeys meaningful, impactful and fulfilling. The Destination will then embrace us.


Our Learning Partners, join us from all over the world - London, Sydney, Singapore, Cape Town, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. They are the Best-in-Class at what they deliver - from Veteran Trainers and Executive Coaches with decades of deep experience across industries and geographies, to the world's leading firm working on Human Resilience, to Elite Commandos with incredible insights into building Elite Teams, to Mental Conditioning Coaches and experts in Leadership, Managing Pressure and Bouncing Back, with decades of Elite Sports experience.


We bring together this incredible fount of knowledge, whose Keynote sessions, and deep-dive Workshops will transform the Performance, Leadership and Teamwork abilities of your people, while building up their Resilience in these difficult times.


Each of our Interventions are Bespoke for our clients, carefully curated in consultation with your specific organisational needs to maximise the Impact. 

The Resilience Institute

  • Based across 9 locations in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America and building Resilience in People and Teams for over two decades, the The Resilience Institute partners Two Roads to bring this unique expertise to our clients across Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • Manish Arneja - Managing Partner of The Resilience Institute, and senior Trainer and Coach, is a valued Two Roads partner in delivering interventions for our clients across the Asia & Middle East.
  • Together we deliver high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated Resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. 80,000 individuals have benefited from this so far.
Joanna Markham
Joanna Markham.jpg
  • London based Joanna brings an extraordinary breadth of industry and geographical experience to clients of Two Roads from her 30+ years in the field.
  • Her trainees  have included employees of the Government of the United Kingdom to BBC and NHS, to the largest Investment Banks in the United States and Europe, Asian - Banks, Insurance Companies and Corporates. 
  • She delivers insightful modules with lessons in Leadership, Strategic Thinking, High Performance, Negotiation Skills and Influencing, Change Management, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Innovative Thinking, Developing a Curious Mind and other Future Skills.
Doreen Teo
  • Based in Singapore, Doreen brings 20+ years of practioner-based experience to Two Roads. With the experience of delivering interventions in over 13-countries across Asia, Doreen is adept at relating to participants at all levels of the corporate hierarchy and across multi-cultural backgrounds.
  • Doreen is an ICF accredited coach and a certified NLP practitioner. She holds a Master's Degree in Training & Development from University of Sheffield, an Honours degree in Philosophy and a Bachelor's in Social Work from NUS. 
  • She does impactful interventions on Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Change & Transition and Career Development.
Dipankar Banerjee.jpeg
Dipankar Banerjee
  • Kolkata based Dipankar is one of the foremost HR Practitioners and Executive Coaches in India with over 35-years of experience across industries - FMCG, Consumer Durables, Heavy Engineering, Petroleum products, Advertising and Media organisations. 
  • He is a guest faculty for IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, ISB Hyderabad, L.B.S. National Academy of Administration, Moussourie, ISISD, Sumedha, ISTD, National HRD Network and  INSEAD, Singapore for their senior management development programmes.
  • Dipankar has tremendous understanding of deep level human and organisational processes and brings his Leadership & OB experience for the benefit of Two Roads' clients.
Simon Taufel
  • Australian cricket umpire and former member of the ICC Elite umpires panel with a record five consecutive ICC umpire of the year awards between 2004 and 2008
  • Officiated in 74 test matches and 174 One Day Internationals between 1999 and 2012 including the 2011 World Cup Final
  • Using his deep and varied experience in one of the most high pressure jobs in Elite Sports and his long Leadership experience, Simon and Two Roads together curate workshops on High Performance, Leadership, Managing Pressure and Bouncing Back, using sports analogies, stories, videos to make a huge impact on participants. 
Paddy Upton 3.jpg
Paddy Upton
  • Dr. Paddy Upton is a Professor, an expert in Sports Psychology, a Mental Conditioning Coach to Corporates and to over a 100 Elite athletes across sports. He was Mental Conditioning and Strategic Leadership Coach of the Indian Cricket Team helping them become No. 1 team in the world and win the 2011 World Cup. Then Performance Director of South African Cricket Team (2011-2014) helping them reach No. 1 in the world.
  • Paddy works with Two Roads in delivering insightful workshops on Leadership, High Performance, helping People and Teams find their A-game, and helping them from a state of Surviving to Thriving.
Colonel Amit Dabas
Amit Dabas 2 Uniform.jpg
  • Col. Amit Dabas is a much decorated 23-year veteran (now retired) of the Indian Special Armed Forces. He is a specialist in Unconventional Warfare – Pseudo, covert, clandestine and low-visibility operations in denied or hostile territory. Awarded multiple times for Gallantry and Devotion to Duty in combat situations. He was part of the Kargil War in 1999 and spent 14-years in the active high-intensity Counter Terrorist environment.
  • He holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Defence Studies & Strategy and works with Two Roads in helping our clients build Elite Teams within their organisations who can face challenges from changing environments like today and imparts Leadership lessons from the battlefield, where life gives few second chances.
WV Raman.jpg
W.V. Raman
  • W.V. Raman is the former India opening batsman is the current Head Coach of the Indian Women's Cricket Team. He was the Batting Coach of the IPL Winning Kolkata Knight Riders. He has been Head Coach - Bengal & Tamil Nadu, and the Batting Coach at the National Cricket Academy, India.
  • Raman is the author of a much acclaimed book on Leadership - The Winning Sixer - reflecting the learnings from his work with some of the greatest Indian sportspersons. 
  • Raman works with Two Roads and its clients to bring his incredible Leadership insights gained over the years from leading and coaching Elite Sports teams. 
Brett Archibald
Brett Archibald.jpeg
  • The story of former Managing Director of Group RCI EMEA - Brett Archibald, is almost too fantastic to be true. Brett fell into the Indian Ocean 100 KM from the nearest land mass, and survived 28.5 hours. He is the only human being to remain alive in the open sea for this long without a floatation device.  
  • Brett's survival is a story in Human Resilience. He shares the story of his incredible experience with Two Roads' clients, bringing out the parallels to people trying to tread water in today's turbulent times. His story is one of Resilience, of Positivity,  of finding Meaning in Life and the importance of those around you. It is about not losing hope, and believing in yourself. 
  • It is a story that can change the lives of your People and your Clients. 
Aditi Mutatkar
aditi mutatkar playing.jpg
  • Aditi is a former National Champion, Commonwealth Games medalist and a Top-30 World Ranking Badminton player.  
  • She was #2 behind Saina Nehwal through her career as Nahiwal conquered the world of badminton and Aditi's own remarkable achievements at the Elite level always remained uncelebrated. 
  • The Life Lesson that Aditi learnt and passionately advocates is a remarkable one - Every Runner-Up is a Winner. 
  • She explains how not all of us can be No. 1 in sport or our chosen profession. But understanding the importance of Being the Best We Can Be is the path to Mental Wellness and a more fulfilling life. She provides insights that are remarkable in their clarity and will change the lives and Mental Health condition of a majority of us.
Krushnaa Patil
krushnaa-patil 1.jpg
  • At the age of 19, Krushnaa Patil became the youngest Indian mountaineer to scale Mt. Everest.  
  • By the time she was 20 she was the youngest Indian and first Indian Woman to climb the highest peaks in Europe, Antarctica & South America. 
  • She then Summited the highest peaks in Africa and Australia. 
  • Krushnaa is an UNCTAD Ambassador and a sought after speaker who continues to scale new peaks from her home in Kashmir. 
  • Her insights and learnings from the unforgiving sport of Mountaineering, lucidly and engagingly imparted, are particularly useful to Leaders and Teams in today's difficult business environment. 
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