The session was very engaging and a lifetime experience for me. My favourite parts were the constant co-relations between the game and professional workspaces. Thanks to you and Simon Taufel.
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The star attraction of the Citi South Asia Career Week was Simon Taufel, the Australian cricket umpire who shared insights on coping with pressure and bouncing back.
Simon Taufel engaged with Citi colleagues as part of the Citi South Asia Career week and shared some wonderful tips and techniques on raising self-awareness and unlocking one’s potential.
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The Resilience session had wonderful insights and perspectives and is a call to action for me. Thank you team.
This has been a great moment in the day, Manish. Thank you for the fantastic rejuvenating session on Resilience.
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This Resilience session has shown me a different way of thinking about things going forward with life and work.
This is a timely session for me. It has given me some perspective on how to cope and come out.
This Resilience session has given me excellent inputs for changing my life. Manish has given us so much to think about and I look forward to continuing on this Resilience journey.
This has been a great session relating Indian Cricket's story to our own. Very insightful. Crisp and engaging. Loved the interactions. Lots of lessons to take away. Thank you Anindya.
Simon Taufel's session was Impactful, Inspiring, Insightful and truly Motivating. 
Simon showed us the importance of Learning from Failures, Asking Powerful Questions, and Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.. 
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